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Inmate's Name




County Inmate 

Is Held In

Bender, James Alan

Assault - Domestic Violence

Neglect Child

Threat - Terroristic 

06.26.14  Gage 
Bornemeier, Joshua Douglas


Assault-Domestic Violence 3rd Degree

Terroristic Threats

Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony

Possession of Controlled Substance

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Child Abuse 

07.10.14  D&E Lincoln 
Crome, Evin Daniele Fugitive from Justice (Colorado)  06.23.14  Gage 
  Crowley, Brandon James 

Obstructing Police

Marijuana Possession-Less than 1 oz 

07.27.14  Gage 
Deane, Jerremy Lee  Terroristic Threats  07.14.13  Gage 
Dorn, Craig Allen

Contributing Delinquent Minor

Theft (Shoplifting) 

06.30.14  Gage
Farley, Clarence Garrett   Probation Violation - Drug Court  06.24.14  Gage
Hall-Brinker, Heather Marie 

4 cts Possession Controlled Substance

2 cts Marijuana Possession-Less than 1 oz

Possession Drug Paraphernalia

No License on Person

Fugitive from Justice (Jefferson)

03.27.14  Gage
Hawkins, Leslie A

Disturbing the Peace

Resisting Officer

Assault on a Public Safety Officer w/bodily fluids 



Holtsclaw, Ryan Clint 

Assault 3rd Degree

Disturbing the Peace


06.07.14  Gage
Johnson, Harold Robert

Sexual Assault 1st

2 cts Sexual Assault 3rd

Fugitive From Justice

Klein, Jennifer Ann Probation Violation 04.17.14 Dawson
Kopf, Heidi Lee 


Fugitive from Justice (Richardson County) 

Fugitive from Justice (Brown County Kansas)

04.12.14  Gage 
Manes, Todd Ryan

Contributing Delinquent Minor

Cruelty Toward Child/Child Abuse 



May, Michael Ray 

Assault - Domestic Violence

Child Abuse


06.18.14  Gage 
McBurnett, Howard William 

Restraining/Protection Order Violation 


Tampering with a Witness

Assault-Domestic Violence

Child Abuse

03.30.14  Gage
O'Keefe, Billy Anthony Terroristic Threats  05.30.14  Gage
Parde, Nicholas John

Driving Under Influence Liquor (3rd)

Transport Child While Intoxicated

07.07.14 Gage
Quint, Antonio Callious 

Possession of Controlled Substance - METH

Narcotic Equipment - Possession

Marijuana Possession - Less than 1 oz

07.18.14  Gage 
Reyes, Jose Angel

Driving Under Suspension

Possession of Controlled Substance

Narcotic Equipment - Possession

Marijuana Possession-Less than 1 oz

Possession with Intent to Deliver

Drug Tax 

04.16.14  Gage 

Russell, Cody John

Contempt of Court

Theft-Shoplifting $0-200 

04.08.14  Gage
Schoenholz, Rodney Gene  Issue Bad Check 07.16.14  Gage
Schriner, Jason Ray Sexual Assault 1st Degree of a Child  02.24.14  Gage
  See, Thomas Gordon

Theft - Shoplifting

Fugitive from Justice (Otoe) 

07.24.14  Gage 
  Spencer, Jesse James 3rd Degree Assault 07.25.14  Gage
Staley, Matt Len

Possession of Controlled Substance

False Reporting

Marijuana Possession-Less Than 1 oz

Narcotic Equipment - Possession 

07.17.14  Gage 
Swanson, Joseph John Driving Under Influence Liquor (3rd) 


Taylor, Scott Matthew  Sexual Assault on a Child 

11.21.13  Gage
Thomsen, Justin Anthony  Possession of Controlled Substance  05.15.14  Dawson
  Vivier, Dalton D  Minor in Possession 07.24.14  Gage 


Zimmerling, Terry Adam Driving Under Suspension 07.29.14  Gage 

Total 31



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