Current Inmates


 ***Updated April 18, 2014 @ 1523 hours***


Inmate's Name




County Inmate 

Is Held In

  Armstrong, Austin Lee Driving Under Influence Liquor (3rd)  04.12.14  Gage
Fentress, Scott David  Driving Under Influence Liquor (4th or greater)  03.15.14  Dawson
  Garcia, Efrrain Tiburcio 

Driving Under Influence Liquor

No Operators License 

04.13.14 Gage 
Hall-Brinker, Heather Marie 

4 cts Possession Controlled Substance

2 cts Marijuana Possession-Less than 1 oz

Possession Drug Paraphernalia

No License on Person

Fugitive from Justice (Jefferson)

03.27.14  Saline
Harms, Jerry Lee 

Driving Under Influence Liquor 2nd

Driving Under Suspension Before Reinstated 

04.05.14  Dawson 
Ideus, Arlan John Flight - Escape from Work Release  03.07.14  Dawson
Johnson, Harold Robert

Sexual Assault 1st

2 cts Sexual Assault 3rd

Fugitive From Justice

  Klein, Jennifer Ann Probation Violation 04.17.14 Saline
  Kopf, Heidi Lee 


Fugitive from Justice (Richardson County) 

Fugitive from Justice (Brown County Kansas)

04.12.14  Gage 
Leseberg, Joshua Robert

Assault-Domestic Violence 3rd Degree

2 cts Criminal Mischief

Driving Under Suspension 

02.26.14  Gage 
McBurnett, Howard William 

Restraining/Protection Order Violation 


Tampering with a Witness

Assault-Domestic Violence

Child Abuse

03.30.14  Gage 
  Mills, Nathan Michael  Driving Under Influence Liquor 04.18.14  Gage 
Papik, Jeffrey David Driving Under Influence Liquor 3rd  02.10.14  Saline 
Pendell, Michael Lewis 

3 cts Sexual Assault of Child

12.20.13  Gage
Pfannenstiel, Anika L Conditional Release Violation 04.11.14 York
  Rainey, Krystal Lanae

Threat-Terroristic-State Offenses

Assault-Domestic Violence

Simple Assault 

04.10.14  Gage 
  Reyes, Jose Angel

Driving Under Suspension

Possession of Controlled Substance

Narcotic Equipment - Possession

Marijuana Possession-Less than 1 oz

Possession with Intent to Deliver

Drug Tax 

04.16.14  Gage 
  Russell, Cody John  Contempt of Court  04.08.14  Dawson 
Schriner, Jason Ray Sexual Assault 1st Degree of a Child  02.24.14  Gage
Schultz, Nicholas Todd  Driving Under Influence Liquor (2nd)  04.11.14  Gage 
  Skeahan, Chelsey Derae

Possession of Controlled Substance

Possession with intent to Deliver

Narcotic Equipment - Possession

Marijuana Possession-Less than 1 oz

Drug Tax 

04.16.14  Gage 
Spencer, Jesse James


Vehicle Theft

Obstructing Police

Criminal Mischief

2 cts Minor in Possession

Narcotic Equipment Possession

Fugitive From Justice 

01.28.14  Gage
Spencer, Kristopher Karl

Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony


Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Simple Assault

Criminal Mischief 


  Taylor, John Marshall 3rd Degree Assault  04.17.14  Gage 
Taylor, Scott Matthew  Sexual Assault on a Child 

11.21.13  Gage
Umphenour, Nicholas Jon 


Assault-Domestic Violence 3rd 

03.19.14  Gage 
Wahlstrom, Patrick Jay

Assault 3rd Degree

Theft by Deception

Arson Aiding and Abetting

2 cts Criminal Mischief 

01.13.14  Gage
White, Nichole Marie  Driving Under Suspension  03.27.14  Saline
Wilcox, Jacoby Gene  Conditional Release Violation  01.21.14  Dawson

Total 29