Current Inmates


 ***Updated October 31, 2014 @ 1442 hours**


Inmate's Name




County Inmate 

Is Held In


Anderson, Mary Ann

Assault - 3rd Degree

Assault - Domestic Violence 3rd Degree

10.19.14  Dawson
  Bishop, Andrew Lee  Theft by Unlawful Taking 10.04.14 Gage 


Bolte, Marcus Ryan 

Possession of Controlled Substance

False Reporting

Marijuana Possession-Less than 1 oz

Narcotic Equipment-Possession

(2 cts) Fail to Appear when on Bail

Fugitive from Justice (Sarpy County)

09.29.14  Gage


Crosier, Kody Lynn 

Terroristic Threats

Possession of Weapon

Resisting Officer

Assault - Domestic Violence

Possess or use Drug Paraphernalia 

10.25.14  Gage 


Crow, Anastasia Marie 


Contributing to Delinquent Minor

Fugitive from Justice-Jefferson County

10.12.14  Gage 
Deane, Jerremy Lee  Terroristic Threats  07.14.13  D&E Lincoln 

Demers, Tessa Yvonne 

Possession of Controlled Substance

Narcotic Equipment Possession

Fail to Use Turn Signal

No Operator's License

09.11.14  Gage
Ebert, Steven Alan Theft by Shoplifting  08.23.14  Gage 


Frabotta, James Lawrence 

Driving Under Influence Liquor 1st

No Proof Insurance

Marijuana Possession - Less than 1 oz

10.29.14  Gage 
Hartung, Nathan Moritz

Possess Controlled Substance w/intent to Manufacture

Narcotic Equipment - Possession

Possession of Controlled Substance

Possession of Methamphetamine Ingredients

08.12.14  Gage

Herfel, Jarrod James 

Flight to Avoid-Prosecution, Confinement, etc.

Leaving Accident-Fail to Furnish Info - 1st

Willful Reckless Driving - 1st 

09.05.14  Gage 
Leafty, Dylan Wyatt Probation Violation Revocation  08.21.14  Gage

McClellan, Lari Jona


Resisting Officer

Criminal Mischief

Marijuana - Possession

Narcotic Equipment - Possession

08.12.14  Gage 


Pohlman, Randall Lee  Driving Under Suspension  10.28.14  Gage 
Quint, Antonio Callious 

Possession of Controlled Substance - Meth

Narcotic Equipment - Possession

Marijuana Possession - Less than 1 oz

07.18.14  Gage


Reeder, Leon Elvis Jr Driving Under Suspension  10.12.14  Gage 
Schriner, Jason Ray Sexual Assault 1st Degree of a Child  02.24.14  Gage


Stege, Dennis Eldon

Driving Under Influence Liquor (3rd)

Flight to Avoid-Prosecution, Confinement, Etc 

10.01.14  Gage 
  Stewart, Dustin James Attempt of a Class 2 Felony 10.03.14 Gage
Taylor, Scott Matthew 

Sexual Assault on a Child

11.21.13 Gage

Thompson, Terrence Matthew 

Assault - Domestic Violence

Possession of Methamphetamine

Resisting Officer

08.24.14 Gage
Thomsen, Justin Anthony  Possession of Controlled Substance  05.15.14  Gage

Total 22



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