Public Awareness

There are several ways that the public can assist the Gage County Sheriff's Office. By reporting suspicious activity, providing leads and submitting information on investigations, we can send a message to criminals that Gage County will not tolerate their activities.

Please click on the links below to review some of our current cases.

Crime Stoppers
There are several crimes that are still unsolved. Please review the investigations and provide any information you may have.

Most Wanted
This is a list of the most wanted criminals in Gage County. If you have any information about the persons listed, please contact the Gage County Sheriff's Office at (402) 223-5222 or contact your local authorities. Do not attempt to apprehend these individuals on your own.

Internet Crime Complaint Center


The "Internet Crime Complaint Center" is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). 

Yearly Stats


Attached are the yearly statistics for the Gage County Sheriff's Office.  The Calls for Service are broken down by type and month.  Also attached are quarterly reports indicating other various statistics from the Sheriff's Office.  


Operation Reassurance



The Gage County Sheriff's Office receives many calls from concerned neighbors or relatives who are worried because they have not seen or heard from an elderly or disabled person who lives alone.

More often than not when we are asked to "check the welfare" of these persons, our deputies find a bad situation that could have been prevented if that senior or disabled person had been registered in the Reassurance Program.

Distress Warrants


The Gage County Treasurer's Office notifies the Gage County Sheriff's Office of delinquent personal property taxpayers by the issuance of distress warrants. It is the Sheriff's responsibility to attempt to collect the delinquent tax by direct payment or by the seizure (levy) and sale of any assets. In those instances when the delinquent taxpayer refuses to make payment, a sworn deputy sheriff is assigned to seize and sell personal property to satisfy the delinquent tax liability.

Arrest Warrants






The Gage County MAPS (Multiple Agencies Partnering for Success) Coalition is a collaboration of over 50 individuals, agencies, and organizations that work to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities in Gage County.

Travel Information


The link listed below is being provided to you for basic information regarding weather and construction related issues on Nebraska highways. If you prefer, you may call Nebraska State Patrol’s Road Conditions phone number at 511.

For those traveling Highway 77 in Gage County, be sure to view the web cams for weather and road conditions. These web cams are located at Junction 8 and 77 and 15 miles north of Beatrice on Highway 77. Click on the link listed below.

Sex Offenders


The Nebraska State Patrol Sex Offender Registry lists all sex offenders in the state of Nebraska.

Click here to view the list: